Higher Court in Subotica Holds Court-to-Court Meeting

SUBOTICA, March 28, 2012 – The Higher Court in Subotica hosted a meeting of civil department judges from the higher courts within the jurisdiction of the Novi Sad Appellate Court on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, to share techniques for improving case and court management and promoting common practice within the courts. This effort by the Higher Court in Subotica is another step towards ensuring that Serbian citizens receive equal treatment under the law, both in substance and procedure. To speed the delivery of justice, the Higher Court in Subotica is reducing its backlog of older cases and improving its case processing efficiency. The court analyzed its operations, procedures and caseload, and is reengineering its court practices to increase responsiveness to citizen’s needs. The results have been impressive: as of March 28, 2012, there were no civil cases older than two years and the Court closed more cases than it received in the preceding year. “At the start of 2011, we had 99 old second instance cases, but by September only four remained unresolved,” stated Judge Ferenc Molnar, the Court’s Acting President, about the court’s backlog reduction efforts. He further explained that, “All judges of this court are involved in these efforts, and judicial assistants and registry office clerks are involved in helping judges follow, supervise and resolve cases faster.” The meeting was supported by the USAID-funded Separation of Powers Program (SPP), which is designed to make the
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