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How Bank Streamlined New Account Opening Process, Improved Customer Experience with BPM

Grace, Customer Service Representative at First National Bank, becomes a productivity hero by using persona-based business process and case management softwa…

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Day 1 – How To Setup A YouTube Account – FREE Video Course By Brand Personalization FREE 30 Day Video Marketing Course! Daily Sept Video Posted! Follow Along In Real Time! In this Lesson How To Setup A YouTube Account Dustin Salmons guides you through setting up your YouTube account from the beginning. Now that we have a basic channel setup, it is time to make some friends! Day 1 — How to Setup A YouTube Account — FREE Video Course By Brand Personalization Setup a YouTube account and learn extra tricks along the way. Learn what has to be considered for your how to properly set up your YouTube account. To set up youTube account • enter your email • name your channel • select username • check username availability Capitalization within the names/IDs you choose is personal preference but a capitalized word appears more important and differentiates the words. You will be taken to a privacy and sharing settings page to choose your settings. When you first get to the channel it will be completely blank. The first thing you’ll want to do is go to settings. Save each page when you have made your selections. Fill out your information directly on the channel, that way you can see exactly how something looks when other people see your page. Change Profile Picture — Upload an image from your computer You will want to set your email to only receive what you want, otherwise you will be getting a whole lot of mail. If you are an active part of the community, which you should be, it is safe to uncheck all of the email notifications. Go to
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