A Public Lecture by Kevin Roberts – Creative Leadership

A Public Lecture by Kevin Roberts: “Creative Leadership” 1st August 2012 at ARTPLAY Centre of Design (Moscow) The author of numerous books on advertising and the creator of Lovemarks (a fixture in all marketing textbooks since), Kevin is a renowned public speaker with provocative views on brands, marketing and management, who recently proclaimed that “marketing is dead”. In business today, reengineering and restructuring and re-everything only add incremental growth. Rigid process-driven organizations need to act more intuitively, instinctively — and be driven by ideas not rules. Creativity is today’s most important leadership quality to cope with growing complexity, yet no coherent leadership model exists. Kevin Roberts presents, ‘Creative Leadership’, the next radical order for solving problems, increasing competitiveness, accelerating brands, driving business results and winning in an always-on world.
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